Today’s mail day is more Pokemon lamps!

I did as much research as I could and I am still unsure wether they are called ‘Room Lamps’ or ‘Desk Lamps’. Due to the size of them (the boxes are 10cm squared) I’m going to go with Desk Lamps.

When I saw the Electabuzz and the fact that it was lamp that was more than enough for me, that was going in the collection. Three out of the four were there and at my house the next week.

It had been so long …..that the missing Pikachu lamp wasn’t really on my list anymore. Then bam! There was the Pikachu lamp! Not only that but there was also some lamps from the same collection but set 2. Whhhaaaattt?

See those little white tags in the middle ‘unopened’!!!

What do I love more than limited edition? Unopened! That’s it I’m committed now, I need them all. Luckily for me the Pikachu sitting on a hat came up only a few days later.

Now there is only one more to go and it’s a beauty.


I was so excited to see an image of the lamp lit up because I have never reopened mine and didn’t really want too. I’m sure a Mew will pop up sooner or later, but I would love to see any of the lamps from the first or third set. I wonder what Pokemon they are!


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