Finally I got a Scale World Pokemon figure!

Earlier this week I had to go into the city for a work course. When lunch time came around I already knew where I was gonna go first “ShinTokyo”. It’s a small Japanese import store hidden away in Rundle mall, Adelaide. Anyway… they had all of the first release of the Pokémon Scale World Figures. I could have bought them all then and there.

I used all my will power to control myself and only bought Mewtwo… for now 🙂 But I know for sure what I’m gonna ask for, for my birthday this year.

If you haven’t heard of Scale World yet you much check it out here. There are four series announced so far.

After contemplating for three days if I could keep in mint in box or display it, I finally agreed to open it but display the figure and box. I thought I’d record the box opening, it’s a pretty nice figure.


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