Opening of the new Pokemon Themed Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition Console opening!

As soon as this new switch was announced I had my name down for pre-order. Today I finally had the chance to pop down EB and get it. 99.9% of my consoles are from EB games Ingle Farm. I have been a loyal shopper there for about the last 10 years, the staff are so lovely that’s the real reason I still go back. Not only was my switch still there waiting for me, I also got this cute little drawing in my receipts. I’m a sucker for a Scizor.

Before I go any further, I’m Team Shield! As for the new pokemon, I can say some of them I’m not a fan of. But those wolves legendaries! No matter how many Pokemon I didn’t like, it would still be worth it to get one of those.

Below I did a box opening and a little bit of a comparison between the lite and standard switch, just for my own curiously really. Check it out for yourself below.

Now it’s packed up, like its never been touched and put into the display cabinet. I can’t wait to see what the next Pokemon themed console will be.


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