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If you are a 90s kid, then you will know why we all loved these! Being born in 91 I was still a bit young so the first Pokémon RPG I owned was Pokémon Gold. Everyday I’d be off to Before School Care, with my transparent purple Gameboy Colour, my trusty and yet matching transparent link cable and of course Pokémon Gold. I’m not totally sure if you could do the clone cheat in Red, Blue or Yellow but that was a game changer in the game for sure. Being at School Care cloning and trading lvl 100s for others. At one point I had a whole box full! Anyway I’m getting too side tract my point here is nostalgia!! And for all of us!!

Sadly I didn’t start collecting the games until I reached the remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver (Ironic ha). I still have all my original cartridges before that, but its not the same as complete in box. So after HG&SS came in such pretty collectables limited edition too boxes, I started to keep all the cases and manuals. It’s not really that hard once it got to the Nintendo DS anyway as they are made from plastic.

First original game I added was the Original Red. I actually went out and got the cartridge and a CIB so I could play it on my Gameboy colour (yes its still alive!). After that I slowly collected them up, until I was up to date with the current game. To begin with I only bought one of each set so like a Gold but not Silver, so that was fun too! I was looking for 1996 to the very last one I got to complete them which was Pokémon Black2. The most expensive one for me was the Pokémon FireRed on Gameboy Advance. This one was my original cartridge and manual, so it was just the box and the insert but the foil on that box is misty asf. With saying that The FiredRed was only $250!

Prices have jumped in the last year, really on anything Pokémon. So this was all before the Hype and the Scalper’s came to play. The original CIB Pokémon Crystal I bought for $180 is now worth over $400, same with Pokémon Red being at $350 when I paid $120.00, not that I do this for an investment but it’s crazy when you see how much the market has gone up. You can still find a good bargain though. Everyone asks me how I find these items and sometimes at such scores but it’s really just looking and waiting. See something on ebay and it sits on their for 6 months and then they lower to sell. When it comes to money its a waiting game 🙂

So after 6 years I have finally completed my (mostly) mint condition collection of Pokémon RPG Games. AND yes their are other Pokémon games like the type writing, mystery dungeons etc, which I have. To me their not ‘real’ Pokémon game 🙂

Misty loves to hang in the Pokémon Room


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