New Dialga and Palkia Nintendo Switch Lite

On November 5th Nintendo released the next Pokemon themed console! This one was the same artwork as the original Dialga and Palkia Nintendo DS Lite special edition but applied to the new Nintendo Switch Lites. Below is an opening vid if you would like to have a suss, to see what it looks like outside […]

Replica Great Ball

The Replica Great Ball is here!! The Wand Company released yet another Pokemon Ball replica. It was released on the 1st of May. Australian suppliers are Mighty Ape and GameTraders. Now all I need is the Ultra Ball to complete my set of four 🙂 View full specs here

First Partner Galar Booster Pack

Today I got the chance to pop down to my local EB Games and pick up my order of 25th anniversary Pokémon cards. These first partner boosters are special not just for the logo but they are HUGE! Each Generation will have its own booster with 3 Pokémon starters for each one and 2 tcg […]

Charmander Unboxing

The mail man brought me some great mail today, My Life Size Charmander statue

Present Time

If you know me this is my FAVOURITE time of the year!